Flags of the World Blog

Welcome to my new blog. My aim is to fill this site with interesting, unusual and even useful information about flags of the world: flags in the news or ‘from the archives’.

My business is twenty years old this year and for most of that time, flags and bunting have been my main lines, so I have my finger on the pulse of the business side as well.

This site is, of course, intended as an aid in driving traffic to my online shop, but I will aim to concentrate on relevant news and views about flags and you are welcome to leave your comments.

If you really must buy flags and/or bunting then please do visit my online flag shop.

Here is a flag discount code to use at the aforementioned shop: just enter BLOG10 in the shopping cart or at the checkout to receive a 10% discount on all flags and bunting stock items. I can send flags anywhere in the UK and to most other countries as well.

I hope the blog turns out to be a useful source of information and thank you for visiting. Come back again soon!